Not a day goes by where I don’t revel in Baetis, the tabby with the ginger markings—the cat from New Zealand who was literally tossed into my life through an open window. When I was writing the book, she often curled up on my lap or on my desk, just inches from my keyboard. If I was writing about her, she seemed to know; she showed her approval by purring and head-butting the computer screen.

One hundred percent New Zealand made. Just like in New Zealand, Baetis kept the kittens away for the first month, then gave the kittens a grand entrance. Look for a future short story about how she picked the perfect moment to bring them home, one by one.


A common sight in the household, especially in winter. Big Head and Baetis! The dog and cat duo from New Zealand.

Baetis had a scuffle with a ‘coon and had to have a drain put in. Big Head’s spooning helped her to heal.

Extra Baetis Videos coming soon!