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Flax Flowers

My first date with Lori was perfect; I couldn’t have played it any better. She hadn’t received any flowers from a man in over decade, and I showed up at her door with a handful of flax leaves to weave her flowers.

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About the Section Break

Shortly after giving my manuscript to the book designer, my wife started reading Patti Smith’s memoir. I noticed that stars were used as section breaks in the book and I thought, “I should use something cool instead of the standard asterisks.” Continue Reading

Shamrock Tribute

In the sheep documentary (Video 3B), the boy tossing the sheep is Shamrock. Sadly, he was struck and killed by a car after I left Raupunga. Big Head originally belonged to his family. Continue Reading


When I started writing this book I promised myself to try and appreciate the process no mater how long or frustrating it was going to be. I knew I had a good story to share, but I also knew I needed help in honing my writing. So over the course of four and half years I worked with three different editors.

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I Lived (Deleted Scene)

Chapter Two was originally named Full On and I Lived. I’ve always enjoyed the experience of meeting people who live lives completely different than my own. Extending a hand has always come naturally to me. As a kid growing up in Chicago’s Chinatown, I’d go out of my way to go and play with the Bok Gui (Chinese for Caucasian person) down the block while my friends jeered at me. Continue Reading