After graduating from Northern Illinois University in 1995 with a geology degree, Ryan returned to school two years later at San Francisco State University and earned a teaching credential. For Ryan, teaching was more fulfilling than any high-paying office job could ever be. After three years in San Francisco schools, he left for New Zealand.

When Ryan returned from Down Under in 2004, he made creative aspirations a top priority and quit teaching altogether. First, he concentrated on video, and his short film, Herded, was screened at the Oakland International Film Festival and the Brainwash Film Festival. In 2007, he decided to write a book about his time in New Zealand and melded his passion for video and writing into a single project to produce Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows, a multimedia memoir.

Ryan’s love of fly-fishing and surfing connects him to rivers and the ocean. Time with waves and currents reminds him to pursue those silly little streams of thought that run rampant in his head. He believes a person can never have enough reminders. Sharing his experiences through writing and filmmaking helps remind him of lessons he’s already learned.

Ryan currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, son, two cats, and a dog.

More of Ryan’s writing and videos can be found at fishing and surfing blog and at The Chin Project.