Throughout this book, you’ll see this symbol multimedia-icon, indicating that a video accompanies the text. Although the book stands alone as its own storytelling device, each of the twenty-four videos adds visual and audio accents to the written story. The footage in the videos was extracted from over sixty hours of tape that I shot in New Zealand and in the years since my return. The videos are meant to be viewed between the lines as you are reading—I have taken great care in choosing the videos’ content and their placement with the goal of building on the ideas, emotions, or images presented in the text. Some are simply quick clips of raw footage, but most are edited with musical scores, voiceovers, and meticulously crafted sequences. They’ll act as a window into New Zealand culture and my experiences as I lived and taught there. All the videos are short—ranging from thirty seconds to three and a half minutes.

Whenever you see this symbol multimedia-icon, simply use the accompanying code to look the video up on the WithoutRainMemoir channel on YouTube or Vimeo, or

As a writer I have strived to make every word count, and as a filmmaker I have agonized over every second of video that you will see. I had no idea how the two practices would come together to deliver my story, but as the Kiwis say, I had to “give it a go!”